How do I get files to migrate to s3?


When I run a migrate, the Recent Task History displays

Policy ‘migrate to s3’ unable to continue: Migration is not supported by Source agent: POLICY REMOVED



This happened to me. It turns out it was because migration is not supported by the source agent because I had installed the agent is a ‘gateway’ instead of for migration.

In the ‘Fileserver Agent for migration’ role, an agent assists the operating system to migrate and demigrate files. It is essential for the agent to be installed on all machines from which files will be migrated.

By contrast, in the ‘Gateway Agent’ role, an agent provides access to external devices and storage services. While it does allow access to local disk and mounted SAN volumes, it does not provide local migration source support.

Just reinstall the agent as a migration agent (it’s just a setting as you go through the main installer). I installed the gateway and s3 plugin on a different server.

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Thanks. I should have looked at the diagram before I started…