[Software Update] Moonwalk 12.5 Released


Moonwalk 12.5 is available here:

Software Download Page

This is a Strongly Recommended update.

Upgrading Windows Migration Agents

  • Upon upgrading to this software version, policy execution will be suspended on Windows
    migration agents until they are restarted (client demigration will continue to function
    as normal during this period).

Upgrading NetApp FPolicy Servers (Cluster-Mode)

  • To benefit from improved FPolicy screening, configuration should be re-applied to
    NetApp Filers via the Moonwalk NetApp Cluster-mode Config tool’s “Vservers” tab.

Full upgrade instructions are provided in the ‘System Upgrade’ chapter of the Administration Guide.


  • Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service is now supported as a migration destination
  • Support for NetApp Data ONTAP 9.4
  • Encryption-at-rest is now optional for all cloud destinations
  • Windows demigration improvements
  • Per-volume configuration for Stub Deletion Monitoring
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved error handling

Previous Highlights (12.4)

  • New policies: Change Destination Tier; Retarget Destination
  • Support for NetApp Data ONTAP 9.2 & 9.3
  • Azure Government support
  • Virtustream support
  • Bug fixes

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