[Software Update] Moonwalk 12.7 Released

Moonwalk 12.7 is available here:

Software Download Page

Customers using DFSR and stub deletion monitoring in conjunction should run a Post-Restore Revalidate Policy following this upgrade.

Customers using Windows Server 2008 R2 as a migration source should upgrade as soon as possible to address issues with sparse file support in this version of Windows which may damage the filesystem in some configurations.

Full upgrade instructions are provided in the ‘System Upgrade’ chapter of the Administration Guide.


  • EMA version 5.0

Previous Highlights (12.6)

  • Support for generic S3 endpoints
  • New policy to Ingest data into S3 buckets
  • Agent configuration improvements
  • Scrub performance improvements
  • Support for read-only SMB shares
  • Support for Copy and Ingest from VSS shadow copies