Cant get any internet after installing the Software

Hi, I have installed Moonwalk on Windows 11 PC, but there is a problem on my PC after installing the software. I cant get any internet access on my PC after installing this. I checked the Wifi connection and it is stable. Then I dont now what could be the issue. Why I cant get any internet? Can someone please help?

Hi Hubert,

This does not sound like a Moonwalk issue.
Have you tried uninstalling it and restarting your computer.

Note, Moonwalk Admin Tools/Agents should not be installed on Windows 11 machines and is only suited for Windows Server.


You are right @Kenneth, the issue was not related to install the software. Actually after posting the thread here, I was checking the internet in another browser and there was stable the internet.

Then I thought it might be someting wrong in Chrome. So I checked the Chrome settings and strange, the internet was disabled in Chrome.

Then I searched online and came across this guide. I followed some useful methods from there. First I allowed Chrome through the Windows Firewall and also add Chrome to the exception list of Malwarebytes. After completing the methods correctly, I searched someting on Chrome and there was no kind of internet issue.

Anyway, I would like to know the best feature of the software. Could you please tell me what is the effective feature of Moonwalk?

Moonwalk is a data management software.
More information can be found in the very first chapter of the Administration Guide included with the software.