[CRITICAL Software Update] Moonwalk 12.1u2 Released

Moonwalk 12.1u2 is available here:


This is a CRITICAL update for all Windows users.

Refer to Moonwalk Advisory MWA-2017-0001 ( [Action Required] CRITICAL Issue Advice MWA-2017-0001 ) for full details.

Perform these steps, strictly in the order given:

  1. [IMMEDIATELY] Disable ALL Scrub tasks

  2. Upgrade to Moonwalk 12.1u2

  3. Run a Post-Restore Revalidate Policy across ALL VOLUMES

  4. Re-enable any Scrub tasks


  • Windows
    • Stub Deletion Monitoring is no longer always enabled, disabled by default
    • See section D.4 of the Administration Guide 12.1-rev2