Hidden file share compatibility


In order to use dedicated cifs share for moonwalk (symlinks hidden) i try to use “hidden” share (dollar sign $) suffix but moonwalk refuse to accept them.

Could you help me ?

Hi R-One,

Symlinks hidden is a property related to the specific share. This is not the same as the “hidden” share$.
Please follow the instructions from the AdminGuide below.

SMB shares that will be used in Moonwalk Policies should ideally be configured to hide
symbolic links. If a different setting is required for other SMB clients, create a new share
at the same location just for Moonwalk traversal that does hide links. To modify the
symlink behavior on a share:

  1. Open a command line session to the cluster management address
  2. For each share:
    • cifs share modify -share-name <sharename> -symlink-properties hide -vserver <vserver fqdn>


I’m creating share dedicated to moonwalk but i can’t use hidden share.
In fact if i create a share like \netapp.domain.local\moonwalk$ it doesn’t work i need to rename it to \netapp.domain.local\moonwalk (without dollar).

Hi R-One.

The above instructions have nothing to do with hidden shares. DO NOT USE HIDDEN SHARES.

You need to set a shares SYMLINK PROPERTIES to ‘hidden’.

You did not follow the above commands.

Use the above commands to set a netapp shares symlink properties to ‘hidden’

Sorry we misunderstood each other.

My shares are well configured and working, i just want to use SHARES$ to hide share to my end customers.

Currently we do not support hidden shares for Netapp.
You will need to use a normal share name with configured permissions to deny access.