[Software Update] Moonwalk 2023.1 Released


Upgrade status: Strongly Recommended

IMPORTANT: NetApp customers should note:

ONTAP 9.6 is now the minimum supported version.

This version transitions to using the ONTAP REST API for FPolicy management. This is necessary since ONTAP 9.12.1 will be the final version to support the legacy Management SDK (ONTAPI).

ACTION REQUIRED for each Vserver prior to upgrade:

  • in SVM settings > Security > Users and Roles
  • edit the user with the vsadmin role that is configured for Moonwalk use
  • ADD an application ‘HTTP’ using the same authentication method as the existing ‘ONTAPI’ application


  • SECURITY: Updated openssl libraries
  • Transitioned to ONTAP REST API
  • Updated support for new AWS regions

Refer to full release notes in the download package.