Simulate task in new look AdminCenter

Hi, how do I simulate a task with AdminCenter 12.10? I can’t find the ability to do this. Has it been removed? Thanks

Hi Nick,

the old simulate function basically simulated the walking of the file-system, but wasn’t necessarily 1-to-1 with what would happen if you ran a policy. We found that the results of these simulations could be misleading for customers.

This functionality has been replaced by a few new features that provide the same information in a clearer context:

  • The “Log each matching file” option in the Gather Statistics Policy
  • The “Log only - do not remove any files” option in the Scrub Destination Policy
  • The “Simulate Rule Matching…” button on any Policy which uses Rules - this allows you to interactively explore your source to see if the rule acts as you expect before running the Policy