Question about Demigrate option in policy

I would like to understand the demigrate policy. It says the migrated contents will be return back to source, But when I am testing the same ,the contents are not restored from S3 Compatible bucket (Destination) to the Source (windows host). Is there any other option to Restore back the contents from Destination(S3 Compatible bucket) to the source?
Please correct me if I am wrong.

How are you confirming that it is not returning the data back to the stub file?
The demigrate policy (and its corresponding operations) should target the source dir, then return file data back to stub files.
The data will still also reside on the s3 side until a scrub(cleanup) policy is used.

Migration is not similar to a move operation, and is intended for archive use while also having the data readily available.

Other ways to cause a demigration event is to simply open the file like you would normally.