Difference between migrate and ingest policies

I would like to understand the difference between the migrate policy and the ingest policy and the use case for ingest as opposed to migrate.

A Migrate Policy will encrypt and transfer the data inside of a file to secondary storage leaving behind an empty file called a Stub file. This Stub has all the metadata needed to recall the data from storage back to its Primary location when a client accesses it.

An Ingest Policy will copy the entire file into a cloud or object store destination. Optionally, you may also choose to have the original file deleted after it has been ingested into a destination.

Use cases will obviously depend on the environment and what a client wishes to do.

But very simply:

  • Migrate is used when you wish to have quick and easy access to stored data in the future.
  • Ingest is used when you wish to relocate entire files to a cloud or object store.